Our Volunteers

What can we say about our volunteers, they give us a reason to keep our faith in humanity.  A selection of the most wonderful people we have ever had the pleasure of knowing. The fact that they can give up their time, week after week, means the world and more to us. Have a look below to find out what they think of us and more :-) Click the button to volunteer, we would love to meet you.

Sandra McCabe.

I was introduced to Future Choices through the Secretary Lesley. She had continously encouraged me to come along to the weekly sessions at Inchgarth Community Centre and show some of the members how to embriodery and other needle work. I had never thought that the other members would enjoy the hobby as much as I do, but I received a great response from the members. Since joining, the members, committe and other volunteers have become very close friends of mine and Future Choices has become a permanent fixture in my life.  I truly value the time spent with these wonderful people.

Bob Duncan ( Volunteer Driver )

Gordon Innes ( Volunteer Driver )

Moria McCabe

I was first introduced to Future Choices through a friend of mine.  I had heard a little about the work they done and I was very eager to help out.  Using the skills I had gained through my career as an Art Teacher, I decided to help the members by teaching them how to paint, draw and sculpt etc.  I thoroughly enjoy my time at the weekly sessions at Inchgarth and I never find myself bored.  Throughout my time helping, I have met some fantastic people and I believe my time is valued.  I look forward to continuing helping out.  

Jackalynn Luisa Walker


I volunteer at Future Choices because i enjoy the company of the members .

I enjoy socialising,help with activities and being helpful.

i like to volunteer my time because its fun and also helps with future jobs.

Diane Bannerman


I was introduced to future choices through my husband who had seen advertisements in local paper and got in contact with David Forbes ( chairman)

I enjoy volunteering as it is very rewarding and fun always different each week and the members are always so happy to engage in activities and socialize.


There is always a great atmosphere and helps my husband socialize with others with disabilities. I have even got both my sons involved my eldest is a young volunteer and is doing his saltire award and my youngest gets involved as much as he can till he is 12 then can do his saltire . Very good charity and David is always very enthusiastic and interacts with all members and volunteers.



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