Our Committee

David Forbes (Chairman)

I co-founded Future Choices to complete one sole purpose, to help disabled people in the local community gain vital social inclusion.  This charity was set up through passion, dedication and drive to help others.  I enjoy every minute. Future Choices has helped me with my self confidence, public speaking and leadership skills.  Being the chairman for the members is the greatest honour anyone can have. I also speak through a personal reasoning behind the scenes with myself being a full-time carer for my mother.  Although she is in need of support, she is an inspiration to me and also part of my team on the committee.

Lesley Anne Bremner (Secretary)

I have been involved with Future Choices since the beginning.  Since the closure of the organisation 'Choices', I have wanted to find a new way of helping people in a similar way.  I had made the decision to join the newly founded Future Choices to help and support the disabled community.  I really enjoy helping each member and joining in on tasks and events.  I receive a great deal of satisfaction seeing all members enjoy the time spent with the group.  I can only hope I can support this cause for as long as possible.

Elizabeth Wood

After the closure of 'Choices', it felt like myself and everyone else involved were left with nothing. However, 9 years ago, my son David co-founded Future Choices to provide much needed support to the disabled community. It is a joy to have my son in charge of what's now become a hugely successful charity in it's own right. Even though he remains the chairman, as his mother I can still tell him off if I think he is wrong. We are a team as we are with each other most days and I am constantly by his side with him behind the scenes.

Diane Bannerman (Treasurer)

I started volunteering with future choices 4 years ago when my oldest son started his saltire. I then got involved in volunteering and really enjoyed meeting the members and volunteers. I now look forward to each Tuesday. Just over a year ago I took over as treasurer and have really felt a part of the future choices family. My youngest son is currently doing his saltire through future choices. The charity is amazing and makes so many vulnerable members lives so much better. A quote I have heard many times is how grey it is to get out of four walls and socialise with others.  Always puts smiles on faces each session.

Moira Henderson 

Moira really enjoys being part of the Committee and enjoys making decisions with the Committee to help make life better for the members.  Moira enjoys taking part when she's off work, coming along and helping everyone in Tuesday's group.  Moira finds it very satisfying and rewarding.  When Moira can she comes along on the trips and pantos with the members to help out.  It is a very friendly group and she get's along with everyone.

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