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  • Alison Chandler (Saturday, March 26 16 09:12 am GMT)

    Future Choices strength, since ACVO helped it to set up, has been the commitment of those in governance. Always smiling, always listening, always clear about their vision and always reading the
    writing on the wall. Well done David and the team.

  • Maria Mcrobbie (Friday, March 11 16 02:04 pm GMT)

    The people who make a difference to the lives of others providing services/opportunity for those with disability whether it be in groups, or on a one to one basis. The good work that David and
    colleagues put into the cause have made this possible

  • Sandra McCabe (Friday, March 11 16 09:51 am GMT)

    I can't put into words how much I enjoy Future Choices. I love passing on some of the skills I have enjoyed myself over the years.I have made some life long friends there and love helping others
    along the is a wonderful feeling seeing all the happy faces every week.David and his committee, work very hard to keep this wonderful charity working for people who are not able to get out of
    their homes and gives them the opportunity to meet up every week to have fun and see their friends every week. The group started small but now have a membership of over 40, with a waiting list. I
    would just like to end by saying that this charity and the work that the committee do should be shouted from the roof tops.

  • Karen Parkinson (Friday, March 11 16 09:31 am GMT)

    David you and your team do a fantastic job every Tuesday, it is the highlight of Gina's week being able to see all her new friends she has made at the group. Keep up the great work.

  • Wendy Smith (Friday, March 11 16 07:26 am GMT)

    Future choices is a lovely group for disabled people with every kind of disability, and it is run by a lovely bunch of people who are also disabled and some like David is also a carer to him lovely
    mum Biff. There is always plenty of activities to do and you can have tea or coffee or even your lunch in the cafe but most of all you will meet lots of great new friends who will only be to willing
    to help you out if you ever have a problem.

  • Lee Thomson (Friday, March 11 16 07:23 am GMT)

    It is a pleasure to note the impact David has with his proactive approach within the social services industry, his development of community services and support to those in need in many aspects of
    their lives has ensured a foundation of care that provides to all who need a voice, his business makes a difference through endless commitment to a wide ranging demographic.
    I have been fortunate to see first hand his reach into the community raising awareness in society and through participation in professional events to spread awareness and of course crucially securing
    fundraising to continue developments of his plan for Future Choices.
    There are many areas we see David dedicated to and each aspect of his charitable efforts seeds and provides for future change within a local and national level.
    I would certainly vouch for Davids authentic need to make a real difference with his work and would not hesitate to involve the charity in any association that will bring more exposure allowing
    further benefits to be delivered direct to those in need through the platform of Future Choices.
    When you give without receipt it is always an abundant return in knowing you have made a difference selflessly.
    Best Regards David I wish you every success in the years to come.
    Lee Thomson

  • Wendy Ashton (Friday, March 11 16 04:45 am GMT)

    As a former volunteer, this is a very worthy charity run by a fantastic group of genuine, hard working people. They provide a valuable service and they care greatly about everything that they do.
    Wishing you continued success!

  • Devon (Thursday, March 10 16 02:27 pm GMT)

    The greatest charity I've ever had the pleasure of working for, Future Choices is truly unique in its approach to the people they support and the hard work done by the volunteers and members

    I would highly recommend Future Choices to both family and friends.

  • ian delph (Thursday, March 10 16 12:03 pm GMT)

    The team there do such great work. I wish I had the time and energy to put into it as much as they do to help others. This isnt even about charitable causes. This is about helping others have a life
    they enjoy where they can meet new friends and enjoy getting about together.

  • Caroline Christian (Wednesday, March 09 16 08:34 pm GMT)

    David Forbes has spent years building future choices to be the amazing success it is today
    It is wonderful care love and safe stability he and his volenteers provide for people with disabilities and are unsure of being alone
    He gives these people the confidence to socialise make friends and be happy around others and the outside world
    David Forbes is truly an amazing man

  • Jenny Shearer (Tuesday, July 28 15 10:21 pm BST)

    An amazing charity that goes the extra mile to bring disabled people together. Very friendly and helpful, no matter what the questions if the chairman doesn't know the answer he'll direct you to
    someone who can help. I can image my life without someone as special as David and his friends, family in it jrrxxxx

  • Sheena (Friday, June 20 14 03:01 pm BST)

    As a member of Future Choices I loved my Tuesdays.I met some lovely people and have made friends for life. The volunteers are amazing and we always had a laugh with them. People forget that the
    people who help to run the group are disabled themselves so it takes a lot out of them to make this charity work the way it does. The amount of fundraising it has done is amazing and sometimes these
    folk are working away in the background where no-one knows all the hard work they do. So I will continue to be a member even though I've left Aberdeen Now I really miss my Tuesdays!!!

  • Paul O Connor MBE (Tuesday, May 07 13 05:08 pm BST)

    Inchgarth community centre is proud to support Future choices. A real inspiration and charity worthy of every success and support we can all give. As Suzanne Kelly stated, it should not exist as the
    service should not have been cut, however, goodness can often rise from negative situations and gladly the team at FT are working hard to provide real hope and inspiration. Well done, keep up the
    good work and long may your success continue

  • Steven Forbes (Wednesday, January 09 13 06:24 pm GMT)

    Future choices has an amazing website and 5years with much success now and beyond.

  • Mike Melvin (Tuesday, January 08 13 03:16 pm GMT)

    Future Choices are a great organization. The work you do supporting people is more vital than ever. I encourage everyone to support Future Choices either through volunteering your time to assist in
    Future Choices work or making a donation-or both!

    All the best to everyone at Future Choices.

  • Jenny Shearer (Tuesday, January 08 13 01:28 am GMT)

    Insperational and movitating are just two of the words I would use to describe this charity and its devoted team. As a disabled person with twins who are also disabled and have additional support
    needs themselves its heartwarming to see that there's ppl who still care about our community no matter what their ability is, but more importantly getting ppl that are housebound and without easy
    access to transport out and involved in the community it essential to our society as a whole. I will be continuing my support of this charity and will be putting to my board members of Midstocket and
    Mile End Management Association that we work alongside you in order to further aid the social inclusion of all in our city as a whole.
    Together we are stronger ♥ jx

  • Tracy Farquharson (Monday, January 07 13 10:14 pm GMT)

    Keep up the great work. Run by the people for the people.

  • Suzanne Kelly (Monday, January 07 13 08:40 pm GMT)

    Future Choices in a sense should not exist: There should never ever have been a closure of Choices, its predecessor. A callous local government ruined a vital service - good on Future Choices for
    coming together and picking up the pieces. For more information, see the film 'The Wrong Choices'

  • Daniel Christian (Sunday, January 06 13 10:21 am GMT)

    I found the new site very easy to navigate around. Kudos to all who have supported future choices to date, keep up the good work!

  • Lesley Anne Bremner (Sunday, January 06 13 12:22 am GMT)

    Its thanks to you the public for your donations and support for our charity to help get folk that are prisoners in their own homes out and enjoying their lives again.Its wonderful to see them happy
    and smiling and enjoying social inclusion and taking part in various activities.On behalf of all our members a big THANKYOU to everyone who has helped support Future Choices.

  • David Forbes (Saturday, January 05 13 11:47 pm GMT)

    It's an absolute honour to be Chairman of such an amazing charity touching so many peoples lives.

  • Darren McNaught (Friday, January 04 13 07:21 pm GMT)

    Donating via PayPal was very easy

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