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Before I came along to Future Choices I felt like a prisoner in my own home as I had nowhere to go for years. I used to attend Choices Day Centre but the council closed it and we had nowhere to go. We were left with nowhere to go after attending Choices Day Centre all those years. Thankfully I found out about Future Choices. I really enjoy coming along as its such a friendly welcoming place to come along to. I love joining in with all the activities and games. We always have a laugh and the members are so nice and friendly. I especially enjoy tattie bowling and Giant hoopla and indoor curling and Boacha which is great fun and we all enjoy ourselves. We are never short of a laugh and everyone gets on great with everyone. It is such a happy atmosphere and so friendly. The volunteers are really nice very helpful and very caring towards us all. They all work so hard but they enjoy themselves too. David is a great Chairman and keeps the ship afloat. He works very hard and he is so kind and helpful and friendly to us all. We love and enjoy all the entertainments that he and the Committee arrange. They all work so hard behind the scenes but achieve so much together and arrange so many things for us. The yearly panto.The therapy dogs and ponies.Various entertainments for us all to enjoy. Lesley our Secretary is 1 in a million. She is so kind and caring and friendly and a really lovely lady. Moira the Vice Secretary is a lovely lady too and she also does a grand job. If I did not have Future Choices to go along to I would be a prisoner in my own home again. But thankfully, I can go along and enjoy myself. Future Choices is my lifeline and I hope Future Choices will continue for many years yet. I really am so happy when I go along. There is such a lovely friendly and welcoming atmosphere. Thank you, all of you for everything that you do for us all. Michael Bruce 

I enjoy coming along to Future Choices very much. The volunteers are very nice and very helpful with us all. I enjoy taking part in all the games and various activities. The Committee works very hard especially arranging different events at Future Choices for us all to enjoy. Davids a very good Chairman and works very hard at arranging things for us all to enjoy.Whether it is entertainers or trips out. Enjoy hearing all about the new updates regarding Future Choices. Just wish David would use a microphone as there are times we can't hear very well. And we don't want to miss anything he is telling us about as it is important news that he is telling us all. It's a big hall so it is difficult to talk to the members and there is an echo. But he does his best and is always very busy behind the scenes. Vera Miller

I enjoy coming along to Future choices very much. It is great seeing everyone and having a good long blether together. We have had a lot of laughs at Future choices especially with the entertainments we have had. The volunteers are just wonderful and are so friendly and helpful. The committee works hard behind the scenes and they do a great job. As does David the Chairman of Future choices. He works so hard in keeping us entertained and keeping Future Choices out there in the public. And he does a great job. Future Choices is my lifeline. Without it, I would be at home unable to get out and enjoy social inclusion. I am missing all my friends but hopefully, we will all be back together soon. I am very happy at Future Choices and enjoy everything we do especially our yearly outing to the panto. Cathy Mason

I enjoy coming along and meeting my friends and having a good blether together. Enjoy doing my tapestries very much. I like the entertainments that we have had. Enjoyed that very much. Moira McIntosh

For many of our members, this is the only time in the week they get out of their homes and have a chance to mix with others.

A number of members have become disabled late in life and have great stories to tell of their experiences before and since becoming vulnerable, with rarely an ounce of self-pity.

I find it tremendously rewarding to be able to put something back into our community. I always get back more in laughs, new learnings and gentle appreciation than I put in.

If you have a couple of hours to spare on a Tuesday, do come and join us and make a massive difference to some of our most vulnerable neighbours. Paul Dumont

Well, I just want to say how much I love coming along to see all my pals at Future Choices. I really enjoy taking part in all the different activities from tattie bowling to giant hoopla to dominoes. Everyone is so friendly and they all make me feel so welcome. The volunteers are all second to none. They are all so helpful and friendly and we have many laughs together. To give up there spare time to come and volunteer at Future choices is so thoughtful and kind of them all. We are all so lucky to have such wonderful volunteers. The committee is just phenomenal and they all work so hard behind the scenes. Planning different fun activities for us all to enjoy and attend As for our wonderful Chairman David, he works so hard and is always on the go. Everything he arranges for us always comes together. Whether it's entertainment or special sessions. David is our no 1  and a diamond of a man who cares so much for us all. I have benefited so much from Joining Future Choices its certainly a lifeline and it is a joy to come along too. Thank you, all of you for making us all so happy and giving us so much fun and laughter together. If it wasn't for Future Choices we wouldn't get out and would be confined to our homes. Bless you, all.xx Diane Elliott

I am really happy at Future Choices and I am missing it terribly. And I am looking so forward to getting back and be with my friends again. This wonderful group has changed my life and what they all do to keep the group running is amazing. The committee work so hard and they really care about us all and just want to be there to help us. And they certainly do just that. My life has changed irrevocably since I started coming along to Future Choices. I really look so forward to a Tuesday as I don't go anywhere but Future Choices. The volunteers are wonderful and so helpful and very friendly to us all. Everybody makes me feel so welcome and I enjoy everything we do together and we always have lots of fun and lots of laughter. When we go out on our trips we have a wonderful time together. And of course our yearly trip to the panto, we just love that and we all enjoy ourselves very much. Oh yes, we do haha. As for David and Lesley. They are both so kind and helpful to me and make me feel so welcome. Nothing is a bother to them. David is like Action man he is always on the go and always sorting things out that needs to be organised. He's our own wee James Bond of Future Choices and we all think very highly of him, very much. Thank you all for such a wonderful group and changing my life and for making me happy again. You are all just wonderful. And I appreciate everything you all do for me. Thank you all so much. Maureen Irons

I have been coming for about 5 years now and I love every minute of the group. I have made new friendships I have had lots of fun with all the various activities that I have taken part in. I love singing and dominoes and all the games we do. Future Choices is my family and I love every one of team Future Choices especially David. He's the man and my best pal and Future Choices is my lifeline as I go nowhere else except Future Choices. I can't wait till the bus turns up to collect me on a Tuesday and take me to see all my pals at Future Choices. It's my highlight of the week. I miss it so much and can't wait to get back again. But most of all I miss all my pals as we are like one big happy family. Thank you all at Future Choices for making us all happy. I enjoy every minute when I am there. Raymond Smart

Hi, Minnie here. I just want to say how much I love everyone at Future Choices. They are all my best pals. I look so forward to the bus picking me up and taking me to see all my pals on a Tuesday. I just wish it was every day as I love coming along. I fair enjoy my colouring and all the special events that team Future Choices has arranged. We all have great fun and lots of laughs on a Tuesday and I love seeing all my pals. I especially enjoy the sing-along that we have whether it's being entertained in the hall or a wee sing-song on the bus back home. The volunteers are so lovely and work so hard with us to give us all an enjoyable time together. So friendly and so kind and helpful to us all. Future Choices committee work so hard behind the scenes and nothing is a problem to them. They really care about us all and just want us all to have a good time and enjoy ourselves. David is an amazing man and works tirelessly behind the scenes arranging events fun trips for us. I just think he is so cute with his dimples and his lovely blue eyes. He is such a kind and caring man who just wants to do the best for us all and he certainly does that. My lifeline is Future Choices and I can't wait to get back and see all my pals again. And have a good blether with them all. Hopefully, we will all get back soon. Missing them all. Minnie Russell

I absolutely love coming along to see all my pals at Future Choices. And I look so forward to our bus picking us all up to go to Inchgarth on a Tuesday to have a laugh and an enjoyable time together. The volunteers are so nice and very kind and helpful. It is so good of them to give up their time and volunteer to help us with our games and activities. All the committee work so hard behind the scenes and all the events and fun entertainments that they arrange with David is amazing and we all have a great time together. David is the 1st class Chairman of Future Choices. Everything he arranges goes ahead and we all fair enjoy ourselves. Thank you all for Future Choices. It is my lifeline, thank you. Ronnie Collie

Hi, Tommy here. I have been coming now for about 10 years to Future Choices. And I thoroughly enjoy myself very much and we have a lot of fun and laughter and friendship together. I look forward to coming along every Tuesday. We all think very highly of all our volunteers. They are great fun to be with and work so hard to keep us entertained and amused. They are all so friendly and very helpful. The committee works very hard too and they always are there to talk to and help us. I think a lot of David as he is great at organizing events and various entertainments for us. The main treat is our yearly panto which we all enjoy very much. David is certainly the right man for the job of Chairman. He works so hard and is such a lovely lad who really cares about us all. Future Choices is my lifeline without it I wouldn't have anywhere to go if I didn't have Future Choices. When the bus comes to collect me on a Tuesday morning I cant wait to see my friends and have a few games of dominoes. And to have a nice blether with all my pals. Thank you team Future Choices for everything you do to keep Future Choices going for us. It means so much to us all. Tommy Smith

I have been volunteering for the past 9 years. And I have to say from the bottom of my heart. I absolutely love every second when I am at Future Choices. To see the smiles on the faces of the members every Tuesday is so worthwhile. They would literally be stuck at home every week for most if not all as it is the only time they get out. All our volunteers are amazing giving there precious time to help with the members. Well done to David who keeps Future Choices going as well as looking after his amazing mum. Moira Henderson

I am part of a lovely group called Future Choices it is a great place where people can get together I'm proud to volunteer these lovely ❤️? people it is run by a great guy called David Forbes who would do anything for anyone also Lesley Anne he helped me after loosing my husband by taking me in to the group it's a marvelous place to be able to go too thank you David ❤️ & Lesley for everything xxxxxxx Patricia Adams

I have been the secretary for over 11 years now at Future choices.  We are like one big happy family. and we always have great times together. For years now Future Choices has been my life. Knowing that we are all helping to get all our members out and enjoy social inclusion and have fun together.Getting vulnerable people out and doing something instead of sitting in at home every day.Whether its a game of tattie bowling or taking part in arts and crafts its all good fun. And to see all our members enjoying themselves and hearing them all laugh, just priceless.No one could buy that. We are so lucky to have such wonderful volunteers. Because without our volunteers we could not run Future Choices. They give up there free time to help make our members lives more enjoyable and fun. And a hard-working committed committee who really care and want to do everything to help our members to make there lives more exciting But most of all without our captain at the wheel of the ship our David keeping Future Choices going and steering us all in the right direction, then we couldn't carry on. He is the right man for the job and we all admire him and think so highly of everything he has done and achieved at Future choices. Working as a team is so important and we will keep Future Choices going as best as we can and help to make life even better for our members and the new members that will hopefully be joining us in the near future. Future choices charity is a lifeline to the vulnerable out there and hopefully, we will continue to be here for a long time yet. Lesley Anne Bremner

I started volunteering for Future Choices 18 months ago. I’d visited Inchgarth Community Centre to see if there was a vacancy for any volunteer work helping local people in some way; I was introduced to Future Choices and have never looked back. A group of people of varying ages, backgrounds and abilities, every one of us enjoys our weekly get-together.There’s a friendly, cheerful atmosphere where people can just chat or join in with different activities that vary to suit the individual and are always fun. It helped me regain some of the confidence I’d lost after my husband died, and I was very happy to be able to help other people even if only in a small way. I hope to be able to carry on volunteering there for a long time to come. Linda Gallagher

I started volunteering with Future Choices in January 2017, at the suggestion of my daughter Rachel, who already volunteered with the group. 
I had never volunteered before and wasn't sure what I personally had to offer, but I was welcomed into the group and can honestly say, I have never looked back.
The enjoyment our members get from the weekly meetings is obvious, and I love the fact that they are so encouraging and supportive of one another.
It is very heartwarming and I am proud to be a part of it. Alison Hall

I love my volunteering role with Future Choices helping the members to socialise and play games, do crafts and activities or just chatting and getting to know them.  I am inspired and humbled by how they all cope with day to day life which can be very hard for some of them.  Coming together each Tuesday for fun and a bite of lunch is very important to them all and I am very happy to be a part of that. For anyone with a few hours to spare I would highly recommend volunteering with Future Choices. Jane Milne

I have been a volunteer for Future Choices for 11 Years. I am an arts and crafts person. When I first began there were about 6 People that came to the group, there are more than 50 members now. I love to go there are people with different disabilities and it is wonderful to see them try new things.There are games to play and various things to try.  I have had ladies doing xstich  and embroidery, Knitting and crochet. Sewing and making rag dolls. I am making jewellery just now in aid of Future Choices and there are ladies who like to sit beside me and watch or like to join in making bits and pieces with the beads. There are volunteers who are still in there teens and the group enjoy there company. My late husband was very enthusiastic about the group, and did what he could.I get such a lot of satisfaction by being a member and volunteer. Sandra mcCabe

I first came to hear about Future Choices in 2016 when I was looking to use my time to give back & volunteer. Sadly due to my working hours I couldn't however it led me to strike up a connection with its chairman David and as it was in its 5th year I attended the celebration at the Copthorne hotel. That night I met the volunteers & saw first hand those this wonderful charity helps. I don't think I appreciated how much it does and helps those who are in isolation. That was in the days before this awful virus and I know how much they must be missing their weekly meet up. The charity is essentially for those who this is the only chance they get to meet and see others. I hope as soon as this is over it starts as soon as is possible as it is a lifeline. I watch the videos David posts and it is obvious to see what it means to those who need it as well as those who run it. I salute you! Gail Finlayson

I enjoy volunteering it's such a good feeling to be helping people you get a buzz out of  volunteering meet lovely people I would recommend it to anyone especially if you're lonely. Kathleen Shaw

I have been a Volunteer with Future Choices for four years, when you volunteer, you are making a commitment to share that most precious of resources - your time - to make life better for those who are in need. The fruits of your labours make a tangible impact, of course, but perhaps it is the fact that you are willing to share your time and talent to lend a helping hand and to show kindness and caring that makes the greatest difference in the lives of the individuals who are touched by your generosity. While I know that you choose to volunteer selflessly and without expectation of being recognized or rewarded, today I wish to do just that. The Future Choices committee let you know just how much your dedication is appreciated and to make sure that everyone at Future Choices is forever grateful for your efforts. Whether you are a long-time volunteer or if you got involved fairly recently, and regardless of how many hours you choose to give, it's important for you to know that what you do makes a difference. Volunteers are not paid because they are worthless but because they are priceless!!! Gerry Murdoch

When i first co-founded the charity back in November 2008, it was a very daunting experience, especially when you have to 'steer the ship' to reach the aims that you want to do - help those most vulneraable, now the group is over it's 10th year, the journey has been absolutely incredble. Without the dedicated volunteer team Future Choices has, and the public support, we really wouldn't be here today.  David Forbes 

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