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Why we love Future Choices

There are many different reasons why Future Choices is successful, but it truly is all about the members.  Without them, there would be no charity.  We've asked our members why they joined Future Choices - have a look at what they said below.


Look forward to Tuesdays to meet up with friends, you enjoy the chatter.

Jane & Tony:
Enjoy meeting all the members, who are in the same boat as us.

The craft work ive been doing has really helped the movement of my hands and i really enjoy the company.

I look very much forward to coming along to the club &i enjoy the company.

It's great fun and they are all very friendl

I look forward to Future Choices cause the members are so friendly and i enjoy all the games I play in.


I enjoy the company and the activities.

I look forward to meeting up every Tuesday. Having the good company and seeing how amazing the members are and what they've been through. It makes me proud to be a volunteer.

Gordon (The Driver):
The Driving is enjoyable but, the volunteers are brill and the activities offered are varied and fulfilling.

Look forward to a Tuesday at the centre. Is good to have company and enjoy the activities (especially) Dominoes.


I enjoy the company and it gets me out meeting all the members.

As long as I can play dominoes (and win!)

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