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What can we say about our volunteers, they give us a reason to keep our faith in humanity.  A selection of the most wonderful people we have ever had the pleasure of knowing. The fact that they can give up their time, week after week, means the world and more to us. Have a look below to find out what they think of us and more :-) Click the button to volunteer, we would love to meet you.

Sandra McCabe.


I was introduced to Future Choices through the Secretary Lesley. She had continously encouraged me to come along to the weekly sessions at Inchgarth Community Centre and show some of the members how to embriodery and other needle work. I had never thought that the other members would enjoy the hobby as much as I do, but I received a great response from the members. Since joining, the members, committe and other volunteers have become very close friends of mine and Future Choices has become a permanent fixture in my life.  I truly value the time spent with these wonderful people.

Linda Gallagher


I started volunteering at Future Choices mid 2018, and thoroughly enjoyed realising how much pleasure both I and the members got from sharing a few hours playing games, chatting and laughing together. During Covid we continued to meet on screen which helped prevent the isolation and loneliness that can exacerbate mental and physical health problems. Five years on I still love seeing the smiles as everyone comes in for the weekly session.

Ean Watt (Ean Volunteers)


My name is Ean, and I am a volunteer enthusiastic about making a positive impact. I am passionate about creating a joyful and pleasant experience for the individuals we support. I take pride in my ability to make people smile and help them. 


Additionally, I have developed a deep understanding of the challenges people with disabilities face in their daily lives. This understanding stems from my on life as a disabled person and my extensive social circle of disabled friends. If you encounter difficulties managing daily tasks, please don't hesitate to approach me. I enjoy finding solutions to complex problems, and I am well-equipped to handle technology-related challenges too



Paul Dumont


I’m Paul and I’ve been volunteering with Future Choices for nearly three years now.

I come along each week as a helper at the sessions for a couple of hours. Our role as volunteers is to support the vulnerable and disabled members in active socializing, playing games, talking with them about their week and just having a listen. We share coffee and lunch and I’ve learnt new skills in dominoes, tattie bowling and giant skittles.

I drive one of the minibuses every second week, picking up members from around Aberdeen, helping them on and off our wheelchair adapted bus and bringing them safely to the meetings at Inchgarth community centre.

Gordon Reid

Roy Angus

Janice Reavell


Becoming a volunteer driver/helper for Future Choices has been  a rewarding experience in so many ways. Learning the ropes around driving the van and operating the wheelchair lift is interesting but by far the most fun part of the operation is connecting with the group members, their families and carers. Many wouldn’t be able to access the group, due to their various difficulties, without the support provided by specialist transport. There’s a real feel good factor to being able to provide this service and the banter on the bus is brilliant. Building relationships with the group members throughout the sessions is an integral part of each day and it’s humbling to experience the caring, courageous and resilient attitude which members bring to the weekly sessions. Each week is different but every week involves laughter and most weeks I arrive home tired, but with a full heart.

Jim Murdoch

Peter Danielian

Graham Burnett


I volunteered with Future Choices as I wanted to help others less fortunate than myself. I drive one of the two mini busses on a rotational basis. Members - who cover a wide range of ages and with different challenges - are collected from and returned to their homes every Tuesday. We are able to help those who have mobility issues as the vehicles are fitted with hydraulic tail hoists and safety restraints for wheelchairs. It was initially challenging learning how to operate these properly but I was given a lot of help from the other volunteer drivers and committee members. They are a great bunch. I was surprised to learn that for some of the participants this is the only time they are able to leave their home each week. Despite their problems everyone is good humoured and friendly. The facilities are provided to the participants free of charge. The charity is self funded and is currently celebrating its 15th birthday achievment - an incredible. I consider it a great privilege to be part of this worthwhile cause. The appreciation shown by the members and their good humour - irrespective of their issues - is quite humbling.

their issues - is quite humbling.

Zander Paul


I like volunteering for future choices to help people and the community that can't always do things themselves and to see a smile on there face.

Lucas Mackenzie


One of the things I love about volunteering at Future Choices is getting to see so many people of all ages having fun and enjoying themselves.

Logan Paul 


I joined Future Choices in August 2022. My first experience with Future Choices was helping out at the pop up shop which I thoroughly enjoyed and since then I've decided to dedicate my free time to help with the charity starting with my saltire award and running the charity website. I've met some really nice people and I hope to help out for future years coming.

Zac Mackenzie


I enjoy Future Choices because I like to help others, Make new friends and have fun. I learn't how to work with others better that have disabilities.

Alana Garden-Ross

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