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11th April 2024

What a lovely amount raised by the wonderful team at Park Inn By Radisson Aberdeen , thanks to everyone that supported the stall & enjoyed all the lovely cake bakes.

11th April 2024

Our Saltire Awards Achiever, Alana Garden-Ross (L) had her first filming  project yesterday as part of her volunteering experience. Tackling a subject very close to all of us, Mental Health, as we gear up to Mental Health Awareness week, Alana is highlighting a very important social issue. Well done Alana, we can't wait to share all your hard work with the world!
Special mention of thanks going to Rosa Maitland (R) for supporting Alana with her film, deeply appreciated 

9th April 2024

Our Assistant Manager Zander Paul is appealing to you for newspapers, carrier bags & bubble wrap, these things we go through alot during the pop up shop. Your support would mean the world to us. Thank you!

9th April 2024

Managing & running a day trip is no easy task especially when it's completely voluntary led, so every manager needs a deputy to help you keep logistics running as smoothly as possible, this job yesterday to the Aquarium & Banff Springs Hotel fell to my committee member, Ryan Bannerman. 
Ryan absolutely excelled himself in all aspects of the trip from start to finish, from arranging various things with staff at both venues, to keeping an eye on timings to helping staff to serve 40 lunches to a very hungry room.
Ryan has already achieved his 500 hrs Saltire Awards & has shown that he's learnt a great deal of key life skills that has really earned the respect of his peers.
Well done Ryan, congratulations, you did yourself extremely proud & shown that hard work can & does pay off by gaining experience 

9th April 2024

We all to often see stories of young people in a bad way, but what about those that really do care about helping out in their local community in their Easter holidays. Take our 2 young Saltire Awards Achievers, Logan Paul & Zac Mackenzie, taking time out to help out our vulnerable members making sure they could safely get out & enjoy our special day trip. We are truly blessed as a local voluntary charity to have Zac & Logan with us, both kind, caring & compassionate about helping others less fortunate than themselves. Well done lads, you should be extremely proud of yourselves & flying the inspiring flag for your generation & your community!
Be more Zac!
Be more Logan!

9th April 2024

The day may have been a dreich one  BUT that didn't stop us from going away & enjoying ourselves on our special day trip to Macduff Marine Aquarium & then on for a spot of lunch at Banff Springs Hotel , thoroughly enjoyed both venues, thanks to Bob out driver from Peace Coaches for making our travel experience great despite the horrible weather.
Everyone had a super day away from our normal session which is what it's all about, a sincere thanks to the following...
Drivers, Paul Dumont, Roy Angus, Peter Danielian, Gordon Reid.
Volunteers,  Heather Williams, Diane Bannerman, Ryan Bannerman Dylan Williams, Zac Mackenzie, Zander Paul, Logan Paul, Linda Gallagher, Kara Isabella Shepherd, Jo Duthie, Andrew Walker, Katherine Ferries, Somah Shepherd & Ean volunteers  .
This special day was only possible because of the support we get from so many people & we cannot thank you all enough - breaking down the barriers of social isolation for so many. Thank you! 

26th March 2024

Happy Easter for Team Future Choices 
We all love a bit of chocolate 
So to say a huge thank you to our amazing volunteers & treat our members, our Easter Bunny Ean volunteers   was on hand to help hand out eggs to the group.

26th March 2024

We had a delightful visit today from the amazing team from Bobs Buddies , thank you for making our Easter session so special. 
Sometimes words just cannot describe the joy sessions like these brings. Photos tell the story, our members & volunteers thoroughly enjoyed seeing the incredible & beautiful owls, even learning a few things too!

18th March 2024 - 22nd March 2024

Huge Congratulations to Logan Paul
Our Saltire Awards Achiever, Logan Paul (15) did himself immensely proud this week.
For the whole week, Logan has confidently delivered a visual slideshow presentation to the morning school assemblies.
Explaining to his audience, made up of pupils of all years & teachers, on why he volunteers for his local community & how it can help others less fortunate than him.
It is absolutely no easy task to do public speaking to an audience of peers, regardless of age but Logan did it & we couldn't be prouder!
Without a doubt Logan has gone from strength to strength since volunteering & really is an inspiring role model to anyone his age thinking of giving back to their local community!
Congratulations & very well done Logan Paul, everyone that knows you is extremely proud of what you have achieved 
Huge thank you to all the teachers at Northfield Academy, especially Mr Chalmers for all the support throughout the week, gratefully appreciated!
A shining example of young people doing something empowering & amazing for their local community!

10th March 2024

A huge well done & congratulations goes to our Committee Member & Saltire Awards Achiever Lewis McGregor for reaching his 500 hrs!!!
A sincere thanks going to Mike Mills from the Altens Community Fire Station for presenting Lewis with his Certificate.
Reaching 500 hrs is a big achievement for anyone doing their Saltire Awards & Lewis has shown he's learnt alot of life skills & gained confidence in doing his volunteering. Giving up as much time he can to not only support our disabled members but also supporting those struggling with food poverty by supporting the Tilly Community Flat Foodbank.
Lewis you should be extremely proud of all that you have achieved through doing your Saltire Awards 

1st March 2024

Our Saltire Awards Achiever, Alana Garden-Ross took time out of her schedule to visit our friends at Shopmobility Aberdeen today to handover funds she had raised through selling Flash  Photography  Aberdeen vouchers at the end of last year, Shopmobility have always been there for us when providing us with mobility equipment for the annual Celebrate Aberdeen & as we celebrated our 15th Anniversary, we wanted to do something lovely for them.
Alana very proudly handed over £150 to them to help them carry on the vital work they do in the community.
Congratulations & well done Alana for all your hard work & we know you'll continue to do yourself proud as you continue through your Saltire Awards.
Charity supporting Charity 

27th February 2024

Such a lovely gesture, huge thanks to Ellon Round Table 

21st December 2023

The Management Committee (Including Ryan Bannerman & Wendy Ashton, absent from the photo), would sincerely like to wish everyone that supports us a very merry christmas & a happy new year.
The support the charity has received from the local community has been utterly mind-blowing in every way especially with us celebrating our 15th Anniversary!
We wish to send our deepest heartfelt thanks to our incredible volunteer team including our dedicated drivers which keeps our sessions running.
Special mention of thanks going to Paul O Connor MBE & his team at Inchgarth Community Centre for their continued support, truly means alot.
We cannot thank you all enough from the bottom of our hearts - our donors & everyone who supports Future Choices 
We look forward to taking a much deserved break & return to our regular weekly sessions from Tues 9th Jan '24.
Hopes for the new year, to attract new members to continue to help the most vulnerable break down the barriers of social isolation, to help them improve their mental health & well being.
Looking forward to seeing the feature film about the charity being released by the amazing team from Inner Ring Collective  

1st June 2023

27th November 2022

Tonight was extra special for one of our longest serving members of our dedicated volunteering team, our Secretary Lesley Anne Bremner.
Lesley has been with the charity since the beginning so tonight at our birthday celebration event, we wanted to recognise Lesley for all her outstanding contribution to the charity.
Richly deserved for all the hard work Lesley has put in throughout all these years.

26th November 2022

?? Happy 14th Birthday ??
What an incredible night we all had at The Ashvale, raising funds & celebrating our 14th Anniversary!
Big well done & congratulations to our Saltire Awards Achiever/Committee Member, Lewis McGregor for organising & hosting our event. You did yourself extremely proud! Big thanks to Stuart & his staff team at the Ashvale, incredible as always. Special mention of thanks to our supporter Sophie Alexander for doing an amazing job on our raffle sales desk ?
Huge thanks though to everyone who was able to attend, you all made the night what it was, a big success, full of fun & laughter, we would like to say a huge massive thank you to all those that donated raffle prizes as we raised as incredible £461 from Raffles alone and the profit we raised from ticket sales alone was £513 - bringing our total fundraising amount on the night too......??? £974!!!!!
We cannot thank everyone enough from the bottoms of our hearts for making our 14th birthday special. ♿

22nd November 2022

itison Aberdeen delivers yet again, more joy & happiness spread. Our Committee Member Lewis presenting our dedicated volunteer driver Gordon with a lovely treat.
Our ongoing partnership with Itison is truly humbling as it allows us to give something wonderful & special back to some of our team.

15th November 2022

A wonderful day trip out today, Committee Member Ryan Bannerman & our Chairman taking a trip to a special Exhibition showcased by ACVO and Volunteer Aberdeen which you the public can go & visit tomorrow & Thursday at the Citymoves Dance Agency, The Anatomy Rooms, Shoe Lane, Aberdeen, AB10 1AL where amongst other amazing charities, you can learn more about what work we do within the local community, made possible by the Scottish Government's Mental health & Well Being fund which is distributed to Third Sector Organisations, like ours.
It was a true honour & pleasure to have attended to showcase what vital work we do.

1st November 2022

Another beautifully generous voucher given by the incredible team at itison Aberdeen for afternoon tea at the Ardoe house.
Given to committee member Elizabeth Wood & her husband, who supports the charity in any way he can.
Elizabeth will gain some lovely respite from this experience.
We are extremely grateful to It is on for their continued partnership & support, it really does mean alot.
We look forward to being in a position to give more vouchers to some more of our members in the near future.

31st October 2022

Beyond proud of both Lucas & Zac Mackenzie!

25th October 2022

It was the first time for Zander & Logan Paul to attend the group session due to not being at school & what better time to present them both with much deserved Saltire Awards Certificates. Our Committee Member Ryan Bannerman presented both Zander & Logan with their 10 & 25 hrs.
This was in recognition with the amazing support both lads gave during our charity pop up shop in August & both working together on our Website.
We cannot thank Zander & Logan enough for all the help & support they give to our cause.
You both should be incredibly proud of yourselves for showing the world what good things young people do for their local community. ????

12th October 2022

Future Choices loves to spread the joy as much as possible & when we can, another lovely Voucher from the awesome team at itison Aberdeen going to one of our amazing & dedicated volunteers, Roy Angus, our committee member Lewis was on hand to present Roy with his voucher.
Our partnership with It Is On is simply priceless & so incredibly appreciated by everyone involved.

11th October 2022

We welcomed STV News's Haley Bouma & her cameraman Graeme along to today's session to feature what the charity does.
Future Choices are looking for new members to be able to help gain vital social inclusion.
We were very greatful too have STV News along to share what we do, big thanks to Lesley Anne Bremner, Maureen Irons & Jim & Kathleen Rust for going on camera for interview.
You can tune in to STV News at 6pm ?

7th October 2022

Our Saltire Awards Achievers are always inspiring us with what they are actively doing within their community & that's the same for our youngest volunteer, Zac Mackenzie (12), please follow his dedicated page as he aims to raise as much funds as possible through texting via your ?
Zac is someone who we are lucky to have on our team as he's so enthusiastic & energised to help support our cause, something we are truly blessed to have. We hope you can share Zac's page to your contacts. Thank you

6th October 2022

We can finally announce this news that both Ryan & Chairman/Mentor have been working on for months & now we can finally share in the joy & excitement with you all!
Earlier this Year, David (Chairman/Mentor) nominated our Saltire Awards Achiever/Committee Member, Ryan Bannerman for a very special nomination.
TV host Ben Shepherd was on the search to find individuals within the community that have gone above & beyond to help support their community, also through the pandemic & to showcase those people that have truly shined in their field.
Ryan met with Ben on zoom so that Ben could hear about all his community work & achievements & Ben & his team were hugely impressed!
At the current age of 16 years old, what Ryan Bannerman has achieved since volunteering from the age of 12 doing his Saltire Awards is nothing but sheer inspiration to his generation.
Ryan has proudly flown the flag not only for his friends but for our cause too.
Ladies & Gentlemen, Team Future Choices wish to SHOUT from the rooftops a HUGE MASSIVE WELL DONE & CONGRATULATIONS to Ryan, what a true inspiration, legacy & achievement to be involved in this project produced by Ben Shepherd & his team.
To get a copy of the book, featuring other individuals including Ryan, & have the book signed by Ben Shepherd, please follow the link,

4th October 2022

Team Future Choices are extremely grateful for the continued support we get from the partnership we have with the generous team at itison Aberdeen .
Another lovely Voucher, this time going to 2 of our wonderful members, Elizabeth & Graham who were absolutely over the moon to receive the voucher for High Tea for 2.
We do what we do at Future Choices because we simply want to make a difference to people's lives within the community. ?

1st October 2022

We rely heavily & purely on the skills that our dedicated volunteers have & we are extremely blessed to have so many awesome people on our team to help keep our group going.
One part of that process is our charity website being updated & worked on, & that's where Zander Paul (16) & Logan Paul (14) step forward, aside from volunteering their time to fundraise for our cause via https://www.facebook.com/helpZanderandLoganfundraise
But they are also working together to update our website for those who are not on social media.
A MASSIVE MASSIVE thank you to both Zander & Logan for giving up their time when not busy at school & other things to help with keeping our website going, it's very much appreciated!

Thursday 29th september 2022

We are extremely grateful to itison Aberdeen for their continued support for our cause. This support partnership allows us to not only reward our volunteers who do us proud with what they do but also allows us to treat our members also.
Our latest voucher presented to Jim & Kathleen Rust by our Committee Member Moira Henderson allows the couple to enjoy a lovely Sunday Roast together.
It's this kind of partnership that is wonderful to have, which makes volunteering ever so rewarding so that others can benefit. ??

Thursday 29th september 2022

Very proud of our Saltire Awards Achievers & brothers, Zac & Lucas Mackenzie. ????

Thursday 29th September 2022

Zander & Logan Paul have joined Future Choices to do all they can to help support our cause, they are also doing their Saltire Awards in the process & are launching a fundraising effort together.
Do you have any unwanted mobile phones or Jewellery? If so, please get in touch & we can get a FREEPOST label sent to you so you can post your items to Recycling For Good Causes so Future Choices benefits from them with ££££
Please share our page with your contacts, many thanks!

Thursday 29th September 2022

Tonight at the Celebrate Aberdeen Awards, Lewis McGregor won the award for "young Supporter of The Year. Congratulations to the other 2 finalists, as it was a very tough category with so many inspiring stories.
Well done & congratulations Lewis, you not only did yourself proud but the community you support are also proud of you too. ??????

Thursday 29th September 2022

We're returning to Panto this year!!!!!
Oh yes we are ??!!!!
After the pause due to Covid, we are so blessed & excited to be taking some of our team to see this year's panto.
Isn't just a wonderful social event for everyone, to get together & have a laugh with friends - priceless!

Tuesday 1st June 2021


Monday 31st May 2021

‼️ Laws Tyres‼️

Here's a really good way to help support our cause if you happen to be in the Bridge of Don or Altens branch (only in the month of June 2021)

Check out the following photos below, the golden poster gives you the chance also to win goodies!

Make sure you use the correct hashtag & if you would be so kind to select Future Choices, we could get £5, imagine if lots of people did this, it would be so amazing.

So visit the branch, take a photo of the poster, post it on your social media platform(s), use the # (see poster for the hashtag name) & select Future Choices.

Thank you very much in advance.

Saturday 29th May 2021


We're absolutely thrilled & delighted for our Saltire Awards Achiever Volunteer, Lucas Mackenzie, who despite the challenges of lockdown, launched an Online Shopping Fundraiser in order to do his part to keep supporting our vulnerable members, which since it's humble beginnings last year has now turned into a great success story so far.

Congratulations to Lucas on being nominated & recognised through The Sunday Mail, Young Scot Awards 2021 for contributions made to his Community.

What a great achievement, just as we enter the National Volunteers Week & Power of Youth Day!

Tuesday 25th May 2021

We need as many nominations as possible to get the opportunity to win 1k


Follow this link https://www.movementforgood.com/index.php?cn=SC040085&ct=disability


Closing date for nominations is Sunday 13th June 2021

Thursday 20th May 2021

Please check out this page: https://www.facebook.com/KingJCompetitions/

Tuesday 11th May 2021

It's an extremely proud moment to be announcing that our saltire awards achiever, Ryan Hammell first public appeal film has landed. Ryan, like all the young ones has had many challenges to overcome especially with schooling due to the pandemic, so aside from that challenge, Ryan has stepped forward to gain his Saltire Awards, which will benefit him greatly in terms of learning life skills & much more & he's motivated to support his sister Becca by supporting the Care Packages project. I'm sure I speak on behalf of everyone that knows Ryan, that we all send him our congratulations & continued best wishes. You should be very proud of yourself young man.

Tuesday 20th Apr 2021

Monday 19th Apr 2021

A highlight of Ryan & Lucas's visit to theCare Hub Aberdeen. 

Sunday 18th Apr 2021

It's a true honour & pleasure to award volunteer Lucas Mackenzie (14) with his 100 hours Saltire Awards.
Since Lucas started volunteering with Future Choices, he has gone from a quiet shy lad to a very confident person, showing true qualities such as compassion, understanding & youth leadership along the way.
Since the pandemic started, Lucas launched an Online Shopping Fundraiser & it's gone from strength to strength.
Lucas will now strive to achieve his 200 hrs & will no doubt inspire his generation & more.
A huge well done, thoroughly deserved achievement & congratulations to Lucas.

Saturday 17th Apr 2021

** Cheque Presentation **
Volunteers Lucas Mackenzie (14) & Ryan Bannerman (15) paid a long awaited (due to covid restrictions) visit to the incredible team at The Care Hub, Aberdeen  where they were delighted to present a cheque for £300 they jointly managed to raise during the last few months. The money will go directly to supporting the most vulnerable within our community. Well done & huge congratulations on your achievements lads, you've done yourselves & the community proud! Both Ryan & Lucas did a stint of volunteering also.
What an achievement & an inspiration to all
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